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Spend time on your business; not your legal work.

At OLN Online, our goal is to work the way you do. Whenever you need us, we are now here. Need an agreement? Just create it. Now, our documents are available for you 24/7. Our support line is here to answer any questions. An unprecedented level of convenience…at your fingertips.

1. Select a Document

Whether you’re generating an NDA or negotiating a complex sales agreement or setting up your shareholding structure, we have a template for you. Our lawyers have painstakingly put together self-guided interviews to lead you through the process of building the final contract.

2. Edit And Collaborate

Need to edit some wording or add some clauses? Forget about downloading a Word file and emailing it out. Now, do it all online! Comment on the draft, share the comments privately. Let us keep track of it all. Review the final redline without ever leaving our platform.

Need additional help? Real lawyers are available to answer any questions. Just Chat with us at any time.


Our secure e-signing facility is recognized in all jurisdictions. Submit your document for online signature, knowing that OLN Online will get it done for you.

Why Choose Us?

OLN is a highly regarded Hong Kong-based law firm, whose commitment to professional excellence has been the cornerstone of the firm since its creation in 1987. We possess many years of experience practising in Hong Kong and have a diverse set of global employees, embodying the firm’s East-West culture.

We currently have some 40 lawyers, admitted to one or more jurisdictions, including Hong Kong, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Canada. We also have a thriving China practice, carried on from our Hong Kong and Shanghai offices and when necessary with our associate legal network in Mainland China.

Template Library

We have over 200 commonly used templates, vetted by lawyers and used by everyone.

Flexible Workflows

Whether 1 or 20 people are approving or signing in a specific order, we have you covered.


Internal and external teams can comment and chat securely during the contracting process.

Version and activity Records

Each document has a comprehensive record of the day and time of all activity that occurred.

Learn all about the advantages that our platform has to offer

Create Contracts In Minutes

We know the importance of standardising your contracting processes so your team can complete them faster. This is now possible with an intuitive Q&A interface, which can be used by anyone across your business.

Whether it’s your sales team sending a new proposal or your HR department bringing on new employees, your team is empowered to create legally binding contracts within minutes, all with 100% accuracy.

Legal Documents That We Cover

  • Business Setup
  • Board & Director’s Resolutions
  • Employment & HR
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Startup
  • Employee Incentive
  • Software & Technology
  • Trademark, Patents & IP
  • Compliance & Privacy
  • Loans and Leases
  • SME Trade
  • Debts & Disputes
  • Contract Amendment


Let’s keep it simple with no hidden costs

We know that sometimes all you need is a simple legal document – just to
make sure that your interests are protected.

Silver Plan

Everything you need to get started; 200+ legal solutions for your new business; legal help and advice from a trusted Hong Kong law firm.

HK $2,500 /month

12 months minimum

Platinum Plan

Collaborate and work — on your own schedule. We’re here for you. Plus, we’ll customize your templates. Up to 3 hours of legal advice included.

HK $7,500 /month

6 months minimum

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