Getting Started

Does this include legal advice?

Included in our plans are different levels of service. We include from 30 minutes per month to 3 hours per month of advice. You get access to our top-notch legal team who can assist you with your legal needs, at a fraction of the cost of traditional lawyers. How do we do it? Well, we stand by our product and we realize that once you see the power of the platform, you’ll want to do everything electronically. With that said, if you have more complex matters, we’re a phone call away. Don’t be shy!

What options are available?

We offer two plans on our platform.

The Silver Plan The Platinum Plan
This plan is designed for startups and SMEs who are ok with using our templates “as-is” and require light legal advice. If you’re looking for standard contracts and would like to collaborate and e-Sign with minimal support, this is the ultimate DIY platform. You’re scaling up and your legal needs are increasing.  Why not upgrade to our Platinum plan?  This plan not only provides you with full editing features, it also allows you to download to DocX for even greater flexibility.  Plus, you get up to 3 hours of legal advice included.
  • Access over 200 legal templates
  • Access to the in-app editor
  • Unlimited download of documents in PDF format
  • Support from our Customer Success Team
  • Unlimited E-signatures
  • Unlimited documents created from our online template library
  • Users included: 2
  • 1 x 30-minute legal consultation per month
  • Minimum term of 12 months
  • Monthly fee: HK$2,500
  • 20% discount promotional launch price for annual subscription
All of our great features in our Silver plan are included. Plus:

  • Download to DocX
  • Access to templates based on all of our other jurisdictions: Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia
  • Full collaboration and legal redline
  • Your legal contracts personalized
  • Users included: 4
  • 3 x 1-hour legal consultations per month
  • Minimum term of 6 months
  • Monthly fee: HK$7,500

What documents are available under the Platinum/ Silver Plan?

We provide documents across these subject areas for the Platinum Plan:

  1. Business Setup
  2. Board & Director’s Resolutions
  3. Employment & HR
  4. Shareholder Agreements
  5. Startup
  6. Employee Incentive
  7. Software & Technology
  8. Trademark, Patents & IP
  9. Compliance & Privacy
  10. Loans and Leases
  11. SME Trade
  12. Debts & Disputes
  13. Contract Amendment

For the Silver Plan, these documents are available:

  1. Business Setup
  2. Board & Director’s Resolutions
  3. Employment & HR
  4. Shareholder Agreements
  5. Startup
  6. Employee Incentive
  7. Software & Technology
  8. Trademark, Patents & IP
  9. Compliance & Privacy

I’m interested in subscribing. How do I get started?

Can I try it out?

Of course! Sign up for a free 7-day trial today! We’re so confident that you will see an immediate difference in your business as soon as you start using our platform.

Get in touch!

Send us a message through our website or app, or call us directly:

  • Hong Kong +852 2186 1899

Introductory Call

Our representative will arrange a 15-minute Introductory Call, 100% free to you. During the Introductory Call, a lawyer from Oldham, Li & Nie Solicitors will:

  • introduce themselves
  • understand your business and any issues you’re facing
  • point you to documents that you should create on the OLN Online app
  • explain how they will be able to support you through the Lawyer Live Chat

Know-Your-Client (KYC)/conflict checks

Before the Introductory Call, we will ask you to confirm these details so Oldham, Li & Nie Solicitors can run routine Know-Your-Client (KYC) and conflict checks:

  • Your full name
  • Your company’s name
  • Whether you are a director of the company
  • If you’re not a director, then the name and email address of the director

Engagement letter

If you are ready to subscribe to the Silver or the Platinum plan, just inform our representative. You should then receive an engagement letter from Oldham, Li & Nie Solicitors, for your signing. The engagement letter must be signed by a director or authorised signatory of your organisation.

The purpose of the engagement letter is to make you a direct client of Oldham, Li & Nie in relation to legal consultation session; in addition to being a subscriber of the OLN Online template generation services. The Law Firm is legally required to obtain a signed engagement letter from you before we can start providing legal support to you. This is to protect you as a client – to ensure that you are fully informed of the law firm’s scope of legal service and how you may be charged.

Don’t worry – you won’t be asked to pay anything extra by signing this letter – it will simply repeat what you know, i.e. you will be paying a subscription fee for the Silver or the Platinum plan through OLN Online’s app, which already includes the fee payable to Oldham, Li & Nie Solicitors.


You’re almost there! After signing the engagement letter, you should either:

Click on a payment link if you’ve received it from our sales representative, which will take you to a checkout page for you to enter your credit card details; or

Log into your OLN Online account, click “Upgrade”, select the plan you wish to sign up, and be taken to the checkout page.

For details please check our Payment Terms.

Working online with us

To get you started with the OLN Online journey, when you log into your OLN Online app account, you should see a welcome message from Oldham, Li & Nie Solicitors. Reply to that message to start your first Lawyer Live Chat conversation! Whenever you wish to use the Lawyer Live Chat, simply log into your OLN Online account and open the chat box in the bottom right corner.

Who will I be talking to on the Lawyer Live Chat?

Your first point of contact on the Lawyer Live Chat will be a lawyer or a legally trained staff member of Oldham, Li & Nie Solicitors.  As different lawyers in the team specialise in different areas of law, your message may sometimes be reassigned to another lawyer in the team who is best qualified to handle your matter.  For details of your first point of contact, your team of lawyers, and their years of experience, please contact us at info@oln-online.com.

How does the Lawyer Live Chat work?

Whenever you wish to communicate with a member of the OLN team, log in to https://www.oln-online.com to access our Live Chat. You may start a live chat conversation or continue an existing one. You will find that live chat feels like a cross between using ordinary email and instant messaging. You can, for example, share files, write in formatted paragraphs, and refer to documents that you are working on. You should actively avoid email or other means of communication, so that all messages can be stored in one place.

Is there any limit on the number of times a template can be accessed?

There is no limit to use the template once you have access to it.

Creating your first document

Using the Document Builder to create an NDA

Depending on the plan you have selected, OLN Online lets you use all the awesome functionality for as long as you need. 

Here’s an example of how this works:

  1. From the Create page, go to the template categories list, and select the NDA template. This takes you to the NDA landing page.
  2. Give your project a name and start the online questionnaire. 
  3. There will be guides to help you through the process.  Just answer a few questions and contract will be generated.
  4. All documents on OLN Online can be e-signed.Add the signers details and invite them to sign.
  5. Once everyone signs, you’re done!

Searching for document templates

All of our templates are fully indexed and searchable.  Feel free to browse around… or just use the handy search bar at the top of the app to find what you’re looking.

Kickstarting your OLN Online experience

How can I search for a document template?

Our handy search features allow you to search our library of over 200+ templates.

Your Guided Questionnaire

Throughout your journey, we will provided handy reference guides to help you understand why you’re being asked these questions.  Don’t worry.  We’re here to make this easy for you.

Can I Edit My Draft?

For our Silver and Platinum clients, you’ll be able to edit your draft directly online.  In addition, share your document and directly collaborate with your parties.

For Platinum clients, log private internal messages and review legal redlines of your drafts.

Share and Sign!

Best of all, share your document and begin to collaborate with your parties directly online.  When ready, submit the document for signature and you’re done!

Is E-Signing Legally Binding?

In Hong Kong, electronic signatures are an accepted mean of binding most contracts. 

The Electronic Transaction Ordinance (ETO) in Hong Kong provides that a handwritten signature is not always needed for a valid contract. The ETO legally recognises E-signatures in Hong Kong. Generally, contracts are valid as long as legally competent individuals have reached an agreement, which can be through verbal, electronic or written means.

However, E-signatures cannot be used to sign the following documents: testamentary documents, trusts, power of attorney, documents concerning land and property, negotiable instruments, court orders/judgment, court warrants, oaths and affidavits, statutory declarations.

For accessing the ordinance, please check the following link: https://www.elegislation.gov.hk/

For additional information on electronic signature, please refer to this FAQ:


Product Support

We have partnered with Zegal to provide you with this awesome service.  Please see additional FAQs from the core product to help you get started!

Account Access

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